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Narva through a local’s eyes

Every local has their own iconic places in the city that are connected with their life. Usually these places are hidden from the eyes of the tourist and are not included in the list of tourist routes. You will not find them in the guide book or in advertising booklets either. Only a local can tell you about such places. For example, where to take the most atmospheric photos? Where can you enjoy that famous unique view of the city? What is the best spot to see the Narva waterfalls? Where to try local beer? Where can you buy real Narva bread? Is there nightlife in Narva?


So, you have already visited the Narva Castle, walked along the River Promenade, looked into Victoria Bastion and went on an excursion to Kreenholm. Once the official tourist program done, it's time to look at the city through a local’s eyes.


If during the tour of Kreenholm you didn’t manage to see the famous Narva cascades, we will tell you about a secret place from where the view of the waterfalls opens up. And believe us – it’s no worse than the view from the island of Krenholm. This place is located behind the building at Kose 12, admission is free.


In general, both the waterfalls and the river Narva are the border area between Estonia and Russia, between the cultural space of East and West. There are several excellent viewing platforms along the river, from where you can see the neighboring Ivangorod. In some places it is even difficult to distinguish where the Estonian territory ends and the territory of Russia begins. Walk along the river and step on the easternmost point of Estonia by the River Narva, watch neighboring Ivangorod through binoculars, enjoy the view of the river with live music on a summer evening in the atmospheric Ro-Ro club, and in this place you may be lucky enough to see gray herons.


Take unique photos against a backdrop of numerous graffiti on the city buildings, created mainly by the famous Narva artist Maria Sambuko. Just follow the route


Very unusual photos can be taken against the backdrop of the so-called “blue lagoon” near Narva. This place is also called "the Narva Maldives". The water here has a stunning color, which comes from light-reflecting limestone particles and light carbonate deposits located at the bottom of the reservoir. However, stepping into the water is strictly prohibited, as it is dangerous to life and health. The photos taken in the so-called "Narva Venice" are also very interesting, you probably won't find anything like this eslewhere in Estonia. And, by the way, the residents of this area are quite hospitable. But the most amazing view of the city opens from the open terrace in the library of the Narva College of the University of Tartu, which is Narva’s newlyweds' favourite spot to take wedding pictures. All the city attractions of Narva, as well as the Ivangorod fortress, line up and form a single ensemble, creating a stunning backdrop for photographs.


Craft beer lovers will appreciate the foamy drink, which is produced and sold in the Narva. The brewery makes 8 types of beer and kvass. You can also try one kind of Narva beer at The Irish Embassy Pub.


In Narva, they also bake amazing bread in the form of squares or a circle. Narva bread lovers claim that it is perfectly digestible and does not cause any discomfort in the digestive system, unlike other types of black bread. Narva bread is sold in several grocery stores in the city, but the freshest one can always be found in a small shop next to the shopping centre Tempo.



If you still have energy after a busy day in Narva, then we can recommend a couple of places to dive into the nightlife. You can move with energetic rhythms in Geneva Club, where mostly younger people gather, or in Avenue, a club for older people.


By the way, the most convenient way to get around Narva is by taxi, because a trip to any point in the city costs only 3.50 euros, or by Bolt electric scooter!


Have an unforgettable vacation!

Last updated: 21.11.2023

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