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Rethinking Cultural Tourism in Europe and beyond


TExTOUR is an EU-funded project which co-designs pioneering and sustainable cultural tourism strategies to improve deprived areas in Europe and beyond.

The ultimate goal is to improve deprived areas in Europe and beyond. To do this, it sets up Cultural Tourism Labs at 8 pilots located within the EU and outside it. Various societal players and stakeholders in the Cultural Tourism sector will be involved in the Cultural Tourism Labs.

TExTOUR impacts can be put into four categories:

  • We will propose new policies and strategies on cultural tourism by assessing current trends and identifying best practices.
  • We will assess costs and foster new policy approaches and sustainable business models with public-private-people partnerships. We will also advise on how to better use European Structural Funds.
  • We will help preserve Europe’s cultural identity, including minority cultures.
  • We will produce actionable data to assess synergies for implementing cultural tourism policies and operations.
  • We will help valorise all type of cultural heritage, understand tourism diversity, site attractiveness and accessibility with Cultural Tourism Labs.

Narva city is one of the Pilots within the project. Within TExTOUR, Narva aims at:

  • Understanding the heritage value and potential through stakeholder engagement activities
  • Organising living-lab events that combine film, augmented reality and design.
  • Promoting cultural tourism through better use of Kreenholm’s infrastructure and socio-cultural capacities
  • Positioning and enrolling of Narva Kreenholm complex and Narva city as an important post-industrial heritage and cultural tourism node in trans-regional and international platforms

The project is lasting until 09/30/2024. All documents developed within the framework of the project will be available on an open platform for use at the state and local levels. The main partner in the project is the Spanish organization Fundación Santa María la Real. TExTOUR project received a grant from the EU Horizon 2020 Program. The total project budget for the entire period and for all 17 partners is 3,950,468.75 €.




Narva will have a thematic tour around Kreenholm district and a light installation in the building of the Joala factory


In Narva the creation of a light installation in the building of the Joala Factory on the territory of Kreenholm has started


TExTOUR interviews series:​ view from Narva

Last updated: 11.06.2024

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