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Summer adventures in Narva

Summer is the time to forget all the worries and to start moving and rush into adventures! 


There is hardly any better time to explore a new place riding your bike. If you left your old good bicycle at home, rent one in the bicycle rent in Joaorg beach building. There is a wide variety to choose from - city or mountain bicycles for adults and children, cross-country fatbikes or tandems to ride together with a friend. For a nice rest on the beach you can rent a sunbed there. If you prefer active leisure sports equipment is also available for rent.


If you would rather enjoy a peaceful river cruise from Narva to Narva-Jõesuu Caroline river tram is waiting for you twice a day. Once you are back from the cruise you can have a nice meal while listening to live music at Art Club Ro-Ro right next to the city port and then stroll along the River Promenade to a brand new viewing platform "5-krone view" with a scenic view of the fortresses. 


In the summer the Northern Yard of Narva Castle comes back to life. This is an attempt of recreating medieval urban quarters with houses, people, and their everyday lives. The craftsmen show and teach their skills to anyone who is interested. They live the 17th century lifestyle, which was determined by the folk and church calendar, its holidays, the related beliefs, and customs. Almost every weekend visitors can take part in different theme days , such as smithery, textile or leatherwork days, or Harvest Festival and medicinal herbs days. Find out about what happens in Narva every day in Events.


Let Victoria bastion casemates surprise you too. Between May and October the second floor is open for visitors. Here you can take part in bats theme programmes. They are the residents of this part of the bastion. At other times only the first floor is open. This is where mystic and fascinating tunnels are located and the guides will tell  you all the secrets of the ancient bastion.


Don’t miss the chance to go on a tour to Kreenholm on Sundays. You might even be lucky enough to see the famous Narva cascades. 


If you want to exlore the city’s history on your own download the scavenger hunt - The Narva Circle. This way you will not only have fun in Narva but also learn a lot of interesting facts about the city! 


Your kids will love the recreation and sports area in Äkkeküla where they can play on the playground equipped with adventure park`s elements, while their parents exercise in the outdoor gym while. After that, you can play paintball or just take a nice walk along the nature trails or enjoy a picnic in the specially equipped area. With the all-year-round tubing in Äkkeküla you can enjoy riding a donut even in the summer!


For more information on what to do in Narva with kids go to Narva with kids.

Last updated: 18.04.2023

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