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A day in Narva for know-it-alls - route by city mayor Katri Raik

This route is for those who think they know everything about Narva! And for those who are looking for something new.


Start your walk at the Town Hall Square to see it in an utterly new way. If you come in July or later, you will be able to see Narva’s old town in the virtual exhibition in Narva Town Hall.


Walk along Rüütli Street to the Dark Garden, go down to the river promenade and walk to the panoramic view of two fortresses - the Narva Castle and the Ivangorod Fortress. These are the only fortifications in the world that are only an arrow flight away across the river from each other.


Walk to the Joaorg recreation area, where the promenade now continues. Go up to the "five-krone view" observation deck. Probably you remember Estonian 5-krone banknote with Paul Keres on one side and two fortresses on the other. This is exactly that view!


You must be ready to have lunch now, so walk or take a taxi to Restaurant Rondeel located in the territory of Narva castle, small and cozy Cafe Bublik on Pushkin Street, The White Pumpkin on Lavretsovi Street, or Cafe Muna in Narva College of the University of Tartu.


In the evening, you should definitely go on a nice walk along Pushkin Street to Joala Street over the footbridge across the railway. Did you know that one of the first (although not the very first), houses with central heating in Estonia was right here in Kreenholm? And that in 1913 the Narva hospital was already equipped with an elevator? Or that the founder of the Kreenholm Manufactory, Baron von Knoop, is an ancestor of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen? Learn even more interesting facts on the Joala themed tour. Look for signs with QR codes this summer.


Those who are looking for an interesting way to spend the evening can go to Narva-Jõesuu on the Caroline riverboat, which in a summer time departs from the port of Narva at five o'clock in the evening. The boat ride will take a little over an hour. You will go along one of Huntington’s fault lines, on the border between the East and the West, and enjoy the view of the Narva River’s delta. In a winter time you can use a free shuttle bus №31.


Once you arrive to Narva-Jõesuu, head to Restaurant Franzia to share your impressions of an eventful day while enjoying its unforgettable lamprey fish dishes.


You can go back to Narva by free shuttle bus, taxi, or riverboat, which departs at 19.00.


Narva is well worth a visit!

Katri Raik, mayor of Narva

Last updated: 26.01.2023

by Sven Zacek
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by Anton Võlitok